Dear Paul,

It is well over a year since you “signed me off” from treatment for my serious back problem and I thought I would give you an update on my progress.
By the time you started treating me I had been to other specialists who had failed to make any improvement to the problem and looking back I have no idea what they thought the problem was.  The best that the private hospital consultant came up with – after an MRI scan –  was to put me on some pretty strong drugs to mask the pain.

Your treatment was a revelation compared to previous treatments.  For me there were 3 parts to it (1) You worked incredibly hard in the massage sessions to get to the root of the problem (2) You gave me a programme of stretching and strengthening exercises that allowed me to help myself (3) Your knowledge is second to none and you told me what the problems and solutions were so I knew what you were doing and why.  I now know what to do to prevent any problems in future and how to deal with any little niggles that arise.

I am delighted to say that my back is in good shape today and life is much easier as a result.

I cannot recommend your services highly enough and the fact that you have personal trained and worked on injuries with my wife, son and daughter says it all about how highly we regard you.

I hope you can use this note as a recommendation of your services so that you can help other people.

Thank you again.




I would like to thank you for transforming my body and transcending my fitness and energy levels.
I am 2 and a half stone lighter so much happier and full of life.
It was tough, nevertheless a real learning experience that I will use forever.
Your knowledge is outstanding, your approach dynamic, and I achieved my goals for me but also because I didn’t want to let you down.
Thank you.
Forever friends. Alexandra keen



I recently returned to the UK after living abroad for 4 years.  I moved to an unfamiliar area, 
felt very unsettled and lacked motivation – this was a major life change and I was struggling with it.
I was 47 years old with 3 children: a 16 year old son and 2 daughters aged 12 and 6. Most of my 
time was spent running around after them and worrying about them – always a drama or a problem to solve.

But I made one decision which truly changed my life – I decided to make time for myself, to 
prioritise getting fit and healthy. I had previously dabbled with various keep fit regimes, yoga, gym memberships and running, but with no major results or long term success. I had heard about Body 
Transformations and Paul’s results. I met with Paul and was impressed – He was clearly committed to helping his clients achieve their very best.
In the beginning I definitely struggled with the discipline of training and dieting. I could eat well for 3/4 days and then binge on chips, pizza, crisps and sweets.  My mental strength and commitment was not there but
with Paul’s support and guidance I finally began to master it in early January.

I began to make more and more good decisions, and started to believe in myself – I was looking great and 
starting to feel great… about being ME! I definitely felt less stressed, or maybe I was just managing my life better.

I was asked to walk in a fashion show, something I would never have considered before. Now I felt confident enough to say “Yes” (albeit with a few nerves!)
I will now be wearing a bikini this summer.  It was hard but the results are definitely worth it.

The most important thing I now have is real value of myself. I am enlightened by the feeling of being 
FIT and Healthy!
Adrianne Harrington

Paul is the guy who keeps me fit and active in body and mind. I have been seeing him once a week for many years now and he has a very wide variety of stretches and exercises for me to do, I am never bored. Working with Paul has made it possible for me to continue with things that many people my age (I was born in the reign of Edward VIII) struggle with. I still enjoy walking, gardening, discussions and travelling. Whenever I have a particular physical problem, ache, etc, Paul’s vast amount of knowledge always enables him to do something to help it. His massages are effective – but a wee bit painful and they usually help the problem.

He is somebody I can speak to who understands the body extremely well and has a vast repertoire of effective remedies for almost all of the issues I present him with.


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