About us.

Welcome to Body transformations Ltd we created this health and Wellbeing company in 1997 with one goal in mind – to transform people’s lives.

Weight loss and transforming bodies is second nature to us.
We live and breathe it!
We’ve prepared clients for weight loss surgery, helped many fit into that all important outfit and motivated people to a healthier lifestyle.
That’s why our company signature is
Changing bodies changing focus changing lives.

One of our other strengths is to recognise true athletic ability and nurture it. Once it’s developed we will prepare the individual to showcase their art.
No one accidentally finds them-self on  the starting line of the olympic games and wonders how they got there.
A plan of action is key.

We do this through Sports specific & Personal training,  healthy eating, life coaching, sports rehabilitation and sports massage therapy.

We believe, improving your life is a journey and when guiding you through each phase of that journey you will realise you not only become physically stronger, your character and mental approach will too.

Our Transformation hall of fame speaks for itself.
So wether you have a sedentary lifestyle or you are a celebrity preparing for your latest project, your goal becomes ours too.

Good luck.

Paul Herbert

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